Housing Department

The Chipewyan Prairie Housing Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of approximately 160 homes within the Nation. Our focus is on providing our members with the basic needs of living such as access to clean water, proper sewage disposal, heat, and electricity. If funding is available we are able to build new homes and renovate existing structures. Our department prides itself in using a local workforce, keeping members of the Nation employed. 

All maintenance requests must be filled out with a work order. You may contact our office to have a work order filled out. Our work orders are then placed within one of three folders, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry, where they are prioritized by the crew lead and/or supervisor and carried out. Priority is given to those with no heat, no running/clean water, and sewer back ups.

Members requesting new homes must write a letter to Chief & Council explaining their situations and why they feel they deserve a new home. The letters are kept in the housing office, along with an alphabetized list, until Chief & Council are ready to choose the new homes occupants. The housing department does NOT choose who can or cannot receive a home.

If you should have an issues in regards to the maintenance of your home please call the band manager at 587-559-2259.