Stacey Mouille

Stacey is the Environmental Coordinator and has been with the CPIRC since June 2011. Stacey is from Lac La Biche, Alberta and is a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta Region 1. Stacey has a Diploma in Conservation and Reclamation from Lakeland College and a bachelor’s Degree in environmental and Conservation Sciences with a Major in Conservation Biology from the University of Alberta. Stacey has a strong connection to the natural environment and sustainable living, which she applies to her role as the Environmental Coordinator to promote the sustainable protection, conversation and reclamation of CPDFN Traditional lands. Stacey has a special interest in community-based, scientific environmental monitoring and has managed and coordinated many CPDFN community based, scientific and traditional land use studies and programs over the years, including the CPDFN Traditional Food Study Monitoring program, the Fish Contaminants Monitoring Program, the Moose Tissue Quality Study and the CPDFN Traditional Territory Cumulative Effects Study.

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