Shaun Janvier

Shaun was raised on the traditional territory and learnt how to trap, hunt and fish from the teachings of his dad, who raised him traditionally and taught him how to respect the land and take only what is needed.

The Chipewyan Prairie IRC is staffed with a diversely educated and highly experienced team. Led by Director Shaun Janvier who was born and raised on CPFN traditional Territory. With over 10 years of industry experience and acting director of the IRC since 2007, Shaun has led his team to create an advanced and ever-expanding consultation process to protect CPFN’s traditional territory and the rights of the people that live there.

Experienced as a mill rite apprentice, gas plant operator, and band council member for two terms. From the beginning of the IRC Shaun has brought First Nations rights to the table with industry and government negotiations in regards to development on the Traditional Territory of Chipewyan Prairie First Nations. Because of this, the community has benefitted in almost every aspect. Funding for Sekweha, 3 phase power, the commercial park are examples of how the IRC enforced First Nations rights to benefit from industry development.

As a whole, the IRC strives to ensure that industry and government are implementing best-operating practices and as much as we can protect the environment from further degradation to ensure the sustainability of the land for future generations.

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